Foreword I'm gonna spoil the entire movie/book and I'm gonna be talking about god and Christianity in a very casual way. I decided to read the source material first before watching the movie I wanted to see how it would affect my opinion, to be truthful I liked the book more than Scorsese's adaptation mostly … Continue reading Silence

Noroi: the curse

More of a horror Mockumentary than a found footage film noroi is a story about a documentary crew investigating a so called paranormal activity when a family of 2 keeps hearing baby noises at night from her neighbors house even though they had no baby. It really tries to sell itself as a real documentary … Continue reading Noroi: the curse

Double feature: Arrietty/My Neighbor the yamadas

Continuing my journey to 100% all ghibli movies this march batch of Netflix release of Ghibli movies Arrietty based on the borrowers an english book. Arrietty at first made me thought of the "arthur and the invisibles" movies i saw years ago what makes them different is that while a lesser movie would make the … Continue reading Double feature: Arrietty/My Neighbor the yamadas